Flavors - Cake

Carrot CakeTopped with a delicious cream cheese frosting.
ChocolateA moist chocolate cake.
CoconutA light cake infused with coconut flavor.
Lemon PoppyseedA fresh and zesty light-flavored cake with poppyseeds.
OrangeA white cake infused with orange zest and juice.
Red VelvetDeep red in color with a soft chocolatey taste. Especially great when paired with a cream cheese icing.
Root BeerRoot beer cake. Seriously!
Spicy PumpkinA great holiday favorite.
StrawberryA white cake infused with chunks of fresh strawberry.
VanillaA moist vanilla cake.
Zesty LemonA fresh and zesty light-flavored cake.

Flavors - Cake Fillings

Blueberry Cream Cheese
Chocolate Buttercream
Cream Cheese
Lemon Buttercream
Mint Buttercream
Mocha Buttercream
Peanut Butter Buttercream
Pineapple Buttercream
Raspberry Buttercream
Raspberry Cream Cheese
Root Beer Buttercream
Strawberry Buttercream
Strawberry Cream Cheese
Vanilla Buttercream

Flavors - Cupcakes

Carrot CakeTopped with a delicious cream cheese frosting.
Chocolate ChocolateA chocolate cupcake with delicious chocolate frosting.
Chocolate MintA chocolate cake with a minty green frosting. Refreshing!
Chocolate Peanut-ButterChocolate cake with a peanut-butter frosting.
Coconut CreamCoconut flavored cake with toasted coconut sprinkles on the frosting.
Cookie DoughA cupcake with a ball of chocolate chip cookie dough in its center. A favorite with our clients!
Orange CreamsicleOrange cake with a creamy vanilla frosting. Tastes just like the ice-cream!
Raspberry LemonadeLemon cake with a raspberry frosting
Razzle Dazzle RaspberryVanilla cake with a raspberry frosting.
Red Velvet Deep red in color with a soft chocolatey taste. Topped with a scrumptious cream cheese icing.
Root Beer FloatRoot beer in a cupcake form!
S'MoreA little piece of campfire cooking in a cupcake wrapper. A chocolate cupcake with bits of graham cracker and marshmallows baked in.
Strawberry SundaeVanilla cake with a strawberry frosting.
Vanilla VanillaA vanilla cupcake with a vanilla frosting.
Zesty LemonA fresh and zesty light-flavored caked topped with a lemon frosting.